Terms and Condition

Terms of Products:

(1) We will provide you with the products and services that you purchase from us. You agree to purchase and use these products and services on these terms and conditions as may be amended from time to time.

(2) Our agreement will commence on the earlier of the date that we accept your application for the provision of any of the products and services, either by notifying you or by providing you with access to those products and services or;
(3) the date you start using any of the products and services. We may refuse your application in our complete discretion.

(4) Our agreement will continue unless you stop using the services upon expiration of all that you purchased, or until this agreement is terminated in accordance with these terms and conditions.

(5) We reserve the right to require offline verification of your identity or authority.

Customer Obligation to Us

(1) In return for us providing these products and services to you, you need to pay us the relevant fees, charges and costs selected by you.

(2) Records held and logging procedures adopted by us in relation to usage by or provision of your products and services are prima facie evidence that you have used or ordered that product and service as indicated.

(3) You must pay any taxes, duties, stamp duties, imposts, levies or government charges relating to this agreement or the supply or usage of the Services or Products.

(4) In any case we find your transaction is possible fraud, we will terminate your all access rights including any additional transactions in the future.

(5) You are responsible for the cost of any telephone calls you make to access the Products or Services.

Your use of our products or services

(1) You agree that you will use the products and services in a responsible manner. In particular, you warrant to us that when using the products or services, or providing information to us in relation to the products or services, you will not, nor will you allow others to;

(a) distribute, publish, or provide any material that is defamatory, harassing, obscene or illegal under any applicable law, rule, regulation, standard or code of practice;

(b) distribute, or provide use of material that you have no right to distribute, use, or provide (for example, a third person's intellectual property rights);

(c) cause a nuisance to any person or incite violence or racial hatred or facilitate prostitution or paedophilia;

(d) commit a crime or facilitate the committing of a crime;

(e) engage in any activity which is in breach of, or fail to comply with, any applicable law, rule, regulation, standard or code of practice;

(f) engage in or fail to engage in any activity in a manner which will expose us to any liability;
(g) fail to comply with any rules imposed by any third party whose content or services you are accessing or using, or any policy adopted by us;

(h) use the Products or Services, or invite or direct persons to use the Products or Services, to access any content which it is illegal to publish;

(i) invade the privacy of others or alter the messages of others;

(j) engage in misleading or deceptive conduct or fraud of any kind;

Our Rights

(1) We may, at any time and in our absolute discretion, suspend or disconnect your access to the products or services, and monitor or intercept your use of the products or services, including without limitation any messages you send or receive or data you store or access using those products or services if we have reasonable cause to do so.

(2) We may delete that data stored using the Products or Services, in our absolute discretion, if we consider that data to be inappropriate, illegal, offensive or otherwise in breach of any law, standard, regulation or code of practice.

(3) Without limiting clause above, we may at any time, without notice, suspend your use or access to part or all of the Products or Services:

(4) for such time as is necessary for any maintenance determined by us to be necessary from time to time, and where possible, after giving you as much advance notice as is reasonably practicable in the circumstances;

(a) to reduce or prevent interference with our systems or the use of Products or Services by others; or

(b) if required to do so, as a result of a direction from any government or other authorities.

(5) You acknowledge that we may be obliged to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies in respect of your acquisition or use of the products and services and that you will not make any claim against us in relation to that assistance.

Refund Policy


Units purchased are refundable in cases of our service error and upon cardholder request for refund. Please note that purchased online credit will expire 365 days upon the original purchase date. There will be no refund for expired credit. In order to obtain a refund or exchange upon mutual confirmation of matters, please provide your correct e-mail/mailing address to us. We will not be liable for claims of non-receipt of communication that was a direct result of an incorrect e-mail/mailing address provided to us. The customer is responsible for providing a correct/valid e-mail address to us.

(2) Fraudulent Credit Card Charge(s) or Fraudulent Claims

All requests to reverse and/or negate charges are investigated by our Technical and Legal Departments. If a fraudulent claim of unauthorized card usage is made, we reserves the right to report this activity to the customer’s bank. This report may result in cancellation of card services, have a negative impact with credit reporting agencies and/or create possible criminal charges that can be filed against the customer.

(3) To inquiry for refunds, we respond within 2 business days.


(1) 当社は、会員が購入したサービスおよび商品を提供いたします。会員は、当取引条件が常に修正されうるものであることに同意した上で、これらの製品およびサービスを利用するものとします。



(4) この合意は、6ヶ月以上に亘り会員がサービス利用を停止しない限り、またはこの合意が当取引条件に基づいて終了するまで継続します。

(5) 当社は、会員にオフラインで身分及び権利証明を要求する権利を有します。



(2) 会員の製品またはサービスの利用、または提供のために保持されている記録及び当社が採用している記録手続きは、会員が該当製品またはサービスを注文し、利用したことを示すものとしての証拠能力を有します。

(3) 会員はこの合意に基づき、製品またはサービスの利用に当たっては係る税、印紙税、関税、課徴金、政府からの請求についても支払う義務を負います。








(d) 犯罪を犯すこと、あるいは犯罪を促進すること。

(e) いずれかの準拠法、規則、基準、規約の下で違法となる活動に従事すること。















(1) 当社での決済処理においてシステムエラーがあり、クレジットカード名義人から要求があった場合にはポイントは返金することが可能です。失効したポイントについては返金を致しかねます(ポイントは購入日から1年間有効です)。返金のお問合せに関しては、当社にメールを送っていただく必要があります。当社は、決済時のメールアドレスの入力間違いによりご購入の際の控え(決済完了メール)のないお申し出には責任を負わないものとします。お客様は、決済時に正しいメールアドレスを提供する義務を負います。

(2) 利用覚え無しなどのお問合せは、全て当社の技術・法務担当部署が調査を行います。当社は、不正利用の問合せが発生した際は、当該クレジットカードの発行会社へ決済履歴を報告する権利を有します。その結果サービスの取り消し・返金となった場合、信用情報機関にマイナスの影響を与えるケースや、利用者に対して刑事告発を行うケースがあります。

(3) 返金の問合せについては、当社は2営業日以内に返答するものとします。